Valeting & Car Cleaning

For that showroom look, after a good servicing

car valeting

Valeting & Car Cleaning

For that showroom look, after a good servicing

Get your vehicle valeted for that extra gloss & shine

We can arrange for your vehicle to be valeted, whilst it is at our premises, for that showroom look to finish off the bodywork after a good servicing!


Our trusted valeters can cater for all your valeting needs, from a full valet, down to a quick wash and rinse.

Using vans which are fully fitted with a 1000ltr water tank and have their own power supply along with an on board jet washer + vacuum & upholstery cleaner. We only use quality valeting products such as Auto Glym.

We offer a few different types of valeting or cleaning services


  • Car rinse
  • Wax shampoo
  • Alloy wheels cleaned
  • Road salt & film removed
  • Wheel arches washed
  • Engine bay clean & degrease
  • Boot vacuum & shampoo
  • Interior mats shampooed & protected
  • Interior carpets shampooed & protected
  • Seats shampooed & protected
  • Dash & door card polish
  • Windows polished & coated in rain repellent
  • Exterior tyre shine
  • Exterior plastic renovated
  • Leather conditioner (where necessary)
  • T-cut around locks to remove surface scratch’s
  • Exterior tar spots removed
  • Door shuts polished
  • Exterior hand polish & extra gloss protection
  • Air freshener
  • Head lining cleaned


  • Car Rinsed
  • Wax shampoo
  • Alloy Wheels cleaned
  • Road Traffic Film Remover
  • Exterior Chamois
  • Tyre gloss
  • Interior foot mats removed & shampooed
  • Interior seats shampooed
  • Interior carpets shampooed
  • Windows polished inside & out
  • Dash & door wipe
  • Door shuts wiped round
  • Engine bay clean & degrease
  • Exterior hand polish for a showroom shine
  • Air freshener


  • Exterior rinse
  • Hand wash Using wax shampoo
  • Road Salt Remover
  • Alloy wheels cleaned
  • Interior vacuum
  • Dash wipe
  • Windows polished
  • Air freshener
  • Tyre gloss
  • Wheel arch wash

Auto Glym Exterior Paintwork Protection

Paint sealant is the ideal way to seal & protect your cars paint work.

In the past, paint work protection sealing was only available from main dealers but today it’s widely used by mobile valets in order to help keep your car looking clean all year round but without the expensive price tag!

Some people ask:
what is paintwork sealant?
or what are the advantages of having paintwork sealant?
and what guarantee do we get?

Paintwork sealant is a very tough form of liquid plastic that is applied to your car’s exterior. This then forms a barrier between your car’s paintwork & the outside weather.

  • Protects from harm full UV rays
  • No need to polish your car as much
  • Helps Protects paintwork from tree sap & bird dropping staining
  • Protects your car from day to day driving esp. dirt & road salt
  • Generally makes your car easier to clean
  • We will personally guarantee paintwork sealant
  • includes wash-n-wax shampoo + full body polish + paint sealant
  • Alloy wheel cleaner + Tyre gloss + exterior glass polished

Prices will vary with different vehicle sizes.

Want a bit of extra sparkle on your car after it’s service or repair?

Contact us for a quote today.