Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance

Honest service with high standards using quality parts

Car servicing and maintenance

Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance

Honest service with high standards using quality parts

We offer a range of different servicing options to suit all our customers’ needs.

All our services are carried out to a high standard using only quality parts that meet/exceed original equipment.

Professional vehicle servicing & maintenance

Let’s face it; you depend on your car to take you to your destinations safely and without any disruption. To ensure that is always the case, your vehicle needs to be properly maintained, as per its servicing schedules. For that to happen, you need to entrust the work to a professional and an expert in automotive maintenance and repair. 

If you’re looking for car servicing in Brighton, look no further than Braeside Motors! We first opened our doors back in 1946, offering motorists the chance to have their cars lovingly cared for by expert technicians. Over seven decades later, we still live up to that aspiration!

Why use Braeside Motors for car servicing in Brighton?

We want to keep our customers happy!

Of course, automotive technology has come a long way since the 1940s. As you may already be aware, today’s cars are often packed with an array of sophisticated and complex electronic systems. 

With that in mind, Braeside Motors has heavily invested in the tools and diagnostic systems needed to service and maintain all modern cars. We are a leading car garage in Brighton and are based just three miles away from the city centre. 

All our technicians are experts in their fields. They have plenty of skills, experience, and, of course, the right qualifications to work on your vehicle. When you book your car in for a service with Braeside Motors, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your pride and joy is in safe hands. 

Our attention to detail and professional service has established us as one of Brighton’s most reputable and reliable car garages. 

The advantages of getting your car serviced in Brighton by Braeside Motors… 

Aside from having an expert team of technicians and the best tools at their disposal, there are several other distinct advantages to entrusting us with your car servicing needs. 

One such example is the fact that we can service and repair any make and model of vehicle. So, whether your vehicle was built six months ago or 20 years ago, you can depend on us to keep it running in tip-top condition! 

Another advantage of using Braeside Motors is that the parts we use meet (and often exceed) those fitted by main dealers. Although there are many manufacturers of vehicle parts, we only use trusted brands that offer reliable components. After all; if we used substandard parts, our reputation would get adversely affected!

One thing that you may notice about many car garages in Brighton and beyond is that they tend to be “fitters” rather than actual mechanics. In other words, they simply follow instructions without knowing why a fault really occurred, for example. 

The beauty of using Braeside Motors for your car servicing needs is that we are a team of automotive enthusiasts. We have a passion for our work, and our “out of the box thinking” ensures that we can resolve many complex issues that have defeated even main dealers!

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